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Our Chartered Surveyor team offers a variety of RICS property valuations that help you to take a fully informed step in your next property acquisition or disposal. We provide a comprehensive range of property valuations tailored for homeowners, investors, landlords and business owners.

We are locally based with an office in Lancaster and provide the valuation services for surrounding areas of Morecambe, Kendal, Preston, Carnforth, Windermere and beyond. Our team has over 130 years of combined experience in all property aspects in Lancashire and South Cumbria, and we offer a fast and reliable service tailored to your needs that reflects our local expertise.

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Our range of RICS property Valuations

RICS Surveyor Valuation

So important to have a survey on what is likely to be the most expensive purchase of a lifetime. Failure to do so can be very expensive. A hidden defect is just that and needs a trained eye to discover.

Commercial Property Valuation

Almost always necessary to have a valuation when purchasing. The market can vary significantly area to area for identical properties. Only a valuation by a an experienced local valuer can reveal these differences.

Pension / SIPP Property Valuation

A regulatory requirement for Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) holders on a time elapsed basis. The valuation ensures the property value continues to accurately reflect the legal requirements of the Pension Trustee.

Probate Property Valuation

An important valuation to ensure that neither too much or too little Inheritance Tax is paid to HMRC.

Help to Buy / Shared Ownership Staircasing Valuation

An RICS valuation is a requirement when you are purchasing a further share in a shared ownership property – known as ’staircasing’.  Or when you are selling your property which was bought using the Help to Buy scheme, or if you are wishing to pay off your Help to Buy loan.

Matrimonial Property Valuation

Valuations for Divorce are often emotive and therefore the impartial advice and accuracy of an independently minded valuer are essential.

Property Inheritance Tax Valuation

Future planning for inheritance has become more important as values continue to rise. The key element is to ensure that a valuation does not trigger a future Capital gains tax problem

HMO Development Valuation

The conversion of a single dwelling to a House in Multiple Occupation has attracted property investors in recent years.  However, a detailed appraisal of conversion costs, potential income and yields, and the likely occupation rates etc, may reveal that the investment is not viable.  The investor may not be local and the opinion of a Surveyor with local knowledge is a must prior to conversion.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuation

One of the most misunderstood valuations. There can frequently be a significant difference between the market value of a property and the cost of replacement. As much as triple is not uncommon.

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